Crown Church Visitor Pack

BRIEF: Design a pack of information to be given to visitors at Crown Church.

The previous welcome pack had been used for a long time, so this project was an opportunity to completely rethink the way it was produced and distributed. Beforehand, it consisted of a paper bag with some leaflets, a pen and a CD in it. Members of the welcome team were in charge of spotting visitors and handing out the pack appropriately.

After discussions with the project manager, it was suggested that I design a self-service stand, made up of individual flyers for each area of church life. This allows the visitor to come and only take the information cards that interest them, whilst leaving anything that is irrelevant. Previously, a visitor was overloaded with everything, and now they are able to choose for themselves. One benefit of the old ‘bag’ system, was that it enabled visitors to hold all of the information at once. In order to continue this with the new design, I created a sleeve which could hold a number of the cards, helping the visitor to carry and store the information easily.

The new design benefits the church as the assembly time of the previous pack has been completely removed. Also, the production costs have been reduced as visitors are no longer given every piece of information, resulting in less frequent need for printing. For the welcome team, the guesswork of identifying visitors has been removed, giving them more time and energy to concentrate on making everybody feel welcome.

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