BRIEF: Rebrand church youth group ‘Roots’.

The youth group at Crown Church was being restructured, so it was natural that a rebrand should take place as well to enable a complete refresh. The requirements were for a main logo that said Roots, and then three variations on it; Living Roots, Deeper Roots and Roots United. These were to reflect the different events that take place within the youth group; Living Roots is the younger age group, Deeper Roots is the older age group, and Roots United is the event at the end of each month bringing both together.

To start with, I designed the primary logo which I then used as a base for the two age groupsFor the United event, I inverted the logo to add contrast. The challenge of creating a series of unique but clearly linked logos was one I really enjoyed. The final design has been a great success, and represents the identity of each individual group, as well as the purpose and vision of each event.

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