THE BRIEF: Rebrand student and twenties church event ‘Submerge’.

This is an event I had been involved in running for 2 years when I was asked to do a rebrand. The previous branding had become outdated and was not having the impact it needed to gain new interest from students and twenties. With such a young and current target audience, the brand needed to reflect that in style and energy.

The event carries the ethos of immersing yourself in an experience, like something being dropped and submerged in water. I used this image as the basis for my design direction. The straight lines above the text illustrate the surface of the water, with the triangle serving as an arrow pointing downwards into the depths. The moving water background creates energy in the design. Ultimately, I feel the new branding represents the spirit of ‘Submerge’ while maintaining a fresh appearance and appealing to newcomers.

See more design, including promotional graphics for events on their Facebook page.

Our branding for Submerge had been in place for a number of years and had become outdated and inconsistent across all of what we do. Charis took the time to understand the vision and heart behind Submerge; she listened to my thoughts and ideas, asked questions to glean deeper insights, and provided valuable and thoughtful early-concepts demonstrating a deep understanding of who we were and what we are about. She listened to our feedback and made some updates as necessary and what emerged was a new, consistent and high quality brand. Never before has it looked so good and external guest speakers have commented on both its quality and embodiment of who we are. At all times Charis was patient, attentive to detail, and understanding. She clearly understands branding and brought a creative spark that was sorely needed. If you’re considering undergoing a branding update, whether it’s just a simple refresh or a big rebrand, I would highly recommend Charis to you.

James Durrant

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